My Top 5 all time greatest TV shows which taught me morals

1. Due South
2. He-Man
3. Boy Meets World
4. The Wonder Years
5. Sesame Street

My lovely girlfriend recently got me the complete set of Due South series' on DVD. If you haven’t seen it before, you're an idiot. It’s a buddy cop show made in the 90’s where a Canadian Mounty goes in search of father's killer in Chicago, teaming up with a hard nosed city cop Ray. The Mounty, Benton Fraser (played by Paul Gross the Hasselhoff off Canada), uses off-beat techniques like licking dirt (much to Ray's dismay) to catch criminals. He does all this while being stereotypically overly friendly to everyone - a prime example is learning all the names of his neighbours and endeavouring to say hello even though they ignore him.

In a nutshell this got me thinking about other shows with morals. Of course He-Man had to be in there with a moral message outro at the end of every show. I have said it before but Rammy (Ram-Man) only ever had one saying: 'use your brain not your head like me.' Classic!

The above and to the left are my top 5 shows in moral order.

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Moralistic TV shows taught me life.

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